Paper bags with imprinted designs are currently one of the most effective methods of increasing the recognisability of the given enterprise among its clients. An eco-friendly alternative for shopping and present packaging, they have a high quality indicator, which translates to them being seen as prestige for the most part. The paper bags with printed designs manufactured by Ecosac are characterised not only by remarkable durability and workmanship, but first and foremost a wide spectrum of possibilities. All that thanks to three different printing methods to which the bags are subjected depending on the requirements of the client.

Paper bags with printed designs – Ecosac

High quality paper bags with printed designs are the most frequently chosen product out of all Ecosac products. Especially selected materials allow keeping exceptionally durable and aesthetic prints, which do a great job as an additional advertisement. Ecosac offers its clients the possibility to print designs or photos on the bags using flexographic and offset printing. We make paper bag with printed designs after familiarising ourselves with the design and expectations of the client. We also offer the possibility of using the services of our experienced graphic designers. It is also worth adding that we are the only entity in the country that allows preparing a paper bag with a printed photo.

The detailed information on making designs and preparing them for printing by our DTP studio can be found here.

Flexographic printed designs in the Ecosac offer

The solution allowing printing throughout the surface of an eco-friendly bag is the flexographic printing method. The minimum ordered quantity in this case is 5000 pieces. Paper bags with printed designs in this offer are targeted at a group of Clients who order wholesale quantities of bags and strive to achieve the lowest price possible for a bag with a printed design. The price for a bag with a printed design and a photopolymer bag can be suggested after the basic parameters are determined: bag size, paper type, quantity, number of colours and printing surface.

The price can be set precisely if you send us a design. The execution time of a high-quantity order (with standard bag sizes) is around 2 weeks. The exact date is determined on the day of acceptance of the order terms and design visualisation.

Offset-printed designs in the Ecosac offer

The solution allowing to print the entire surface of the bag (including its interior) is the offset printing method. The minimum quantity of the order in this case is 1000 pieces. The offer is directed both to the Clients ordering small and wholesale quantities of the bags. We can make paper bags with a printed design in any size. By selecting our standard sizes, you do not pay the additional costs connected with preparing a new punching die. We offer over 100 punching dies (a list of punching dies for vertical bags and a list of punching dies for horizontal bags). What is more, the method allows using different types of improvements: protection with an offset varnish – without laminate, laminate with a matte foil, laminate with a shiny foil, UV (shiny) varnish on a matte laminate, hot stamping, convex printing.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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